Pray For Her Rescue.

Update on Erika…Police found her in Texas Last night around 2am…They did a well-being test on her…She said that she was fine and was where she wanted to be…This doesn’t make sense as there is no nanny position at her location. Keep her in your prayers still…She is either under durress or has made a very devastating and dangerous choice to leave her family and home.

She left for Houston to take a job as a is believed to have been a set up.

She is now missing...

The police believe her to be abducted. Pray for her safety and rescue.



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2 responses to “Pray For Her Rescue.

  1. lifting up in prayer and will let Jill know if she isn’t aware. Deeper Life Leadership Team is already praying.

  2. Thank you so much…I know that Jimme sent out an email to some of the DL staff…I believe she included Jill.

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