Book Give-away: Redefining Beautiful.

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This is the post you all have been eagerly awaiting…myself included. Welcome to a little adventure  between the covers of “Redefining Beautiful”  by Jenna Lucado,

Jenna Lucado

who is none other than the lovely daughter of Max Lucado; a well known christian author and pastor of the Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas.

Jenna has a love for speaking and writing that she has most definitely inherited from her father…She is a part of Revolve tour, an event for teen girls. Jenna is passionate about her ministry of speaking into young women’s lives…

“I have a deep calling on my life to give hope to teenage girls.”

She is driven by the call to have one more girl hear and accept the Love of Christ…So she continues to speak at conferences and events…and has now written her first book!

Which is why you are reading this…So let’s talk about the book.



[ adj. ] – What God sees when God sees you

In this book Jenna teams up with her daddy to bring a new vision about for young women struggling with their self image and definition of beauty. If you are a girl like me…you will right a way blow this off, saying something along the lines of … “Whatever, I’m so past all that -my hair is frizzy, ugly, hanging in my boring not-stunning-blue, but brown eyes, and I look fat in jeans so I wear low-riding grey sweats and layered t-shirts- crap…I have it together”  Newsflash…while that may be true ( for the most part), I don’t have it together. And those lovely little comments I find myself telling the mirror in the morning when I pull on the last pair of pants that semi-fit  and try and tame the wildness on my head kind of prove that maybe I’m not so past “all that”.

That is where Jenna’s advice, honesty, and encouragement comes in…She writes from her heart, invites you in to her life…the ups and downs of growing into a young lady. Including you in all the getting ready for school in front of the bathroom mirror drama. Yet she spares you the flowery “You’re such an amazing, perfect, beautiful, powerful, all conquering woman!” lines that generally freak me out and get me mad…Instead she is straightforward with the way you view yourself as a girl.

Redefining beautiful is an engaging and easy to read book…Jenna has a very fun and light style of getting her point across…She’ll have you smiling and feeling like your hanging out in the same room with her. I love that she takes such a down to earth and personal approach to writing this book.  She also leaves plenty of room for you, and by that I mean there is a level of interaction within the pages…Questions and thoughts followed by blank lines for you to fill in with your musings. As stated before she had some help from her Dad in writing this book, you can find his commentary spread out among the chapters in boxes called “Notes From Max”, kinda neat getting some guy and dad perspective. Jenna has put together a great book on self-image…covers everything a girl needs to know…fashion, modesty, boys, drama, God, love..and best of all she talks about being healthy in order to be a Light to those around you…As she puts it,

“We need to display that beauty [God and the way he has created us] for people who are breathing. And that pretty  much covers everyone.”

Its amazing when you come to the realization that yes, you may struggle with hating yourself…but it’s more than just about you…It’s about being capable of reaching out in Love to those you are in contact with. And that is something powerful.

So now that you know all about Jenna and this really neat book that she has written, you want to read it don’t you? Well let me give you that chance! This book was provided to me through Thomas Nelson Publishing, I review books for them and I am giving away one copy of redefining Beautiful to YOU…assuming that YOU win. 🙂 Here is how to enter…

Please leave separate comments saying that you have accomplished the requirements…I will be using an online random selection service…so the more comments you leave, the better your chances…Good luck! Entry closes Sunday at midnight…Winner will be announced hopefully soon after..but you know me.

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Thanks so much for reading! Love…Peace…and Blessings to you girls!



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13 responses to “Book Give-away: Redefining Beautiful.

  1. I subscribe to your blog! Yahoo, you have a giveaway!

  2. I follow you on Twitter!

  3. I’m a fan on facebook!

  4. and she also is the spitting image of rachel riley:D

  5. hooray ^_^ I’m excited about your give away !

  6. erinrules

    I love you!
    I DID everything!…I think.

    Self image…whewwww..
    based on your description, I think this sound be a mandatory read in all highschools..but you know how that gooooes.

  7. This is such a sexist book give-away!

  8. erinrules

    Dear Mr. Stech,
    you are wrong.
    The end.

  9. Samuel

    So sexist! I can’t believe this. This is a prime example of what is wrong with this world these days.
    I do hope you plan on having a free book give-away for MEN i the near future!

  10. How am I wrong? I’m 100% right. It’s not an arguable point. It’s a book drawing for girls.

    That is all.

  11. i love give aways…although I have never won one. love the blog

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