The Winner Is…

It’s a radiant sun encompassed day here at V.  ( Im working on my descriptive words for when I compete) Seriously, if you want to expand your vocab watch a competition…My personal favorite is “viscous” …least favorite is “homogenized” Please stop using that word dear baristas.

“V” = Vecinos…Im starting a trend here people,go ahead and adhere 🙂

Anyway this post is really supposed to be announcing the winner of the “beautiful” book give-away…So let’s hear it for randomly selected comment “hooray ^_^ I’m excited about your give away !” by none other than Mamma In The Scene…yay! that’s cool…Want to know what else is cool? This here idea from Mamma In the Scene…Tea-time with the girls who hang out at the Coffee Shop there. So just maybe this book will come in handy for that! Congratulations Grace…Hopefully I’ll have it in the mail to you soon!

Mamma in the Scene...Season 3 soon to be in the scene. 🙂

I have some upcoming music reviews…so watch out for those…they might even lead to free music! And that’s just worth it.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!



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8 responses to “The Winner Is…

  1. Luc

    Music reviews? I’m excited.

  2. Sign me up for music reviews. How did you score that? I have looked for places to do that but have come up empty! Congrats, Mamma in the Scene!

  3. YAY! I feel so special. ^_^
    I know a great way to get that book to me….how about you come down to Indianapolis on Monday night…kinda late-ish. I’ll give you a dollar.

    also, send coffee. with the book. okay. don’t, but if you want to rub it around in beans and stuff that would be awesome.

    • Grace! When will you be in Indy? and how late is late?? And did you ever get the coffee I told my sister to tell my mom to give to jimme to give to you??? haha…Call me sometime and fill me in on all these wonderful details…or text thats less dramatic.

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