Where have I been??

You may have been asking yourself and others that very question…

Well…So have I. And the answer?

A resounding… “I have no idea…around I guess, just not here…obviously”

This is obviously not at all organized or very viewer friendly..and by that I mean in an attractive-read me!-win stuff! way. Nope. This is also obviously not the music review I was supposed to have finished ages ago…or the local artist feature I keep telling myself to work on. Anyway…I have been gone for a little bit..I don’t really feel like talking about it or writing some deep explanation describing an internet fast. So thats all on that topic.

I turned 19 on Thursday.

My sisters made this for me…


Took a little road trip (my addiction) to Louisville, KY with the Lindstrom family to attend a little barista party,

poured in my first latte art competition…It was low key and fun…Came in 3rd…This was one of my practice pours…


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