I grew up listening to this song…

Tonight finds me here staring at a sinking Indiana sky…its very light blue at the highest, dissolving into a rose without water. And it is beautiful…

I’m listening to country music…mostly because I grew up listening to it. Reminds me of everything that was real…driving with my mom, it was always on…Dreaming about living in the south…Now I just want to be north. I remember my mom saying how much she liked a particular song…and she told me that I would like it and understand it when I had a boyfriend…That thought and concept was so far off for me…and now it’s been there done that. How fast has everything come.

Yeah…I am a bit emotional at the moment. My font is even pink. Also, I remember going to my friend Sonja’s house and making her watch the Country music channel for hours…top 20 countdown anyone? Loved it.



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3 responses to “I grew up listening to this song…

  1. I love you Sarah.
    & this song.
    & country music.
    But, mostly, I love you.

  2. Jeni Pedzinski

    Thank-you for your emotion. Hug. Jeni

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