If I Could Ask God Anything- A giveaway

Back from a hike up sugarloaf mountain with my family…

No, thats not where I have been for the past month…which I just realized it has been about a month of long drawn out silence from little miss barefoot and breathing. Guess thats what happens when you’re in shoes too much and breathing too little…Anyway, all that aside I’m back for now and here with a brand new book give away…but before I get to that, let me just brag a little about my current location-home.  Marquette, Michigan…In the form of pictures…enjoy and then sign up to win the book.

One of "those" family pics...Superior in the background

At Black Rocks on the island

Me an Anna...Lower Harborthe Three sisters

The old ore dock

Leah and I

On to the book…

Has your child ever asked you a question?  Great, then this book is exactly what you need.

Kathryn pretty much covers from ” What did Jesus look like?” to “Does it matter to God how much time I spend surfing the net and watching the tv?” Obviously this book is appropriate for a broad age range…Its easy to read and provides scriptural references for answers given in response to the questions…It’s a great way to introduce kids to the characteristics of God, bible history, and what it means to be “Christian” Perfect for you to read to your young children before bed or at book time, but also a good fit for the older child who is already reading…Written by Kathryn Slattery who is an editor for Guideposts magazine and author of many other books…and published by Tommy Nelson publishing. So, if you have children, or you know children then sign up to win this book…because its good. Here are the guidelines to enter…

Please leave a separate comment for each entry as the winner will be randomly selected…

-Comment to enter

– Tweet or post on facebook about this post for a second entry

– Share with 3 friends via facebook or email for an additional entry

– become a fan of Barefoot and Breathing on facebook

Remember the more comments you can leave the more chances you have to be selected. The drawing will close on June 4th 12:00 pm eastern time..and the winner will be announced shortly after…Sign up!



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8 responses to “If I Could Ask God Anything- A giveaway

  1. Home’s are nice places. I hope you enjoy your family and your time back in the north, however long you are here

  2. Lovely photos, especially the close up sista ones! Love faces!

  3. Kari Sherry

    This sounds like a book for our family! I have a very inquisitive 3-year-old and I’m sure he will only get more curious! Enjoy reading your blog Sarah, have a great summer!

  4. Fabulous pictures! How neat to see your sisters! Do they have curly hair but straighten it? Loved seeing the water. We will be near Lake Michigan soon! Yahoo for vacation!

  5. crazy lady vicki slater

    just figured out what this “barefoot and breathing” is all about. i’m not so very techy, dearie, but i love your photos and will check back often. love to you.

    • Thanks! I have been a little neglectful of my blog recently which is not good, since I really would like to see it take off…but please continue to follow! Love to you as well!

  6. Gloria Jokisalo

    This is great fun to read. What a great idea.

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