Wet Shirts and Winner Announced!

Good Morning readers…Im here at Vecinos drinking an Iced green tea and letting my shirt dry off…this may or may not be too much information…but let me just say that Indiana humidity + my love for biking, running, and being generally active = really sweaty, wet shirts. yay for that.

It’s been a really productive morning, which always makes me feel at peace and a bit more whole…I arose at 6:45 a.m. washed the hair and then got to my bowls of soaked wheat flour…I made very successful blueberry lemon muffins and there is bread rising…which reminds me that I need to get home and get that in the oven. I’m planning on posting the recipes to the bread and muffins and writing a little on soaking wheat. 

On to the winner of  the “If I Could Ask God Anything” book give-away…Comment number 3

( “This sounds like a book for our family! I have a very inquisitive 3-year-old and I’m sure he will only get more curious! Enjoy reading your blog Sarah, have a great summer!”

was randomly selected by an online, random, number generator…Congratulations Kari! Please message me your address and I’ll have the book in the mail to you soon!


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