Just some thoughts and Pictures

Not that you care at all…but I invented an ant killer…shallow saucer with apple cider vinegar and a ring of brown sugar to coat the edges…hungry little ants come to the sugar and when they creep just a bit too far, they slip into the deadly vinegar seas. What do you know, its actually working.

I may or may not have "helped" a couple ants into the vinegar... :/

So, that’s exciting..to me anyway.

This week has been different…in a nice way…I guess I have been taking more time to realize the things God has placed in my life…and the way he has made me…learning to figure out those “ways” and hold on to them…not always so easy…especially for someone who is a bit of an approval addict and likes changing her mind. I was walking along the river the other afternoon…it ended up being a five mile walk which was great…I came across a box turtle which let me hang out with it for a while…Not sure why that was so meaningful, but just spending time with another living creature like that was amazing…watching him move around and figure out what I was.

Sorry if you were expecting some deep, personal revelation…I kind of was too…until I realized how in love I was with the simple things of the earth…His creation is so beautiful and crazy…I really love animals…I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately…So happening upon this turtle was a huge blessing…I hear there is a couple good Zoos in Ft. Wayne and Indy….Hoping to check those out soon.

I have been slowly getting back into art…that process has been really good…I somehow forget what a peace and stillness it brings…And not that you can really call this art, but today Chris Deferio brought a sandwich board sign to the cafe that he had made, he let me draw on it so we could have it on our sidewalk to invite people in. Turned out alright and was a lot of fun to work on…

Today serving...Brazil Yellow Bourbon!

Well those are the main highlights of the past few days…Tomorrow I get Claire and Sophia for the morning while their mom is working the farmer’s market…Maybe I’ll take pictures, remind me!

Sophia and I

Claire and I


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