I write a lot in my head…That’s an issue.

At this point I too feel as though I have committed blogger suicide. I mean it’s been days, weeks in fact since I have last written, and if you follow me at all you may have noticed the trending themes in my past posts…Lack of writing. Really I wish I could neatly bullet point my list of grand excuses, but either that list would be dreadfully dull or super short…because my excuses are short lived.

Lately my interests, hopes, dreams, and whole entire life seem to be changing and becoming different…or more defined…or less defined…It’s like my head and heart have ADD…Seriously. And since I am hippy/tree/whatever-they’re-calling-me-girl, medicating is NOT an option…How do you medicate emotional ADD anyway?!

Anyway, I really would love to be back and consistent with writing…I would love to be sharing my lovely ideas all the time. I have a lot of great blog posts written in my head…if that counts for anything. I’m sure it doesn’t, but here is an unorganized up-date at best.

Recently I have been further recognizing my passion for health and nutrition…at the same time my first 365 days of the internship are coming to a close…only 365 more to go. So, I am beginning to explore post-intern choices…Where should I live? Should I go to school? What should I do? What are my interests that I would like to invest more in? That last question has been a bit dangerous…I guess I never realized how much I thirst to learn and expand in such diverse subjects…I still love art and design, I would love to learn more about that…maybe interior design, the use of colour fascinates me.  The other day I announced to my mother that I wanted to be a paramedic…where in the world does that come from?! I told her that the medical field is really interesting and challenging to me, and that I think I would do well with the rush of trauma. Not sure I will follow that route, but as I was thinking about it I realized that I really can do whatever I set my mind to…If I am interested and it’s something I want I can study hard enough to succeed. And thats just neat. There are a lot of other random things I would like to do…such as my old dream of journalism, but right now I am more seriously considering going into a nutritional consultant field…I really want to be able to help people in the area of their health, teaching them how to prepare and eat “real food”, live simply, and support local famers and artisans…Really I  just want to have a family and live that simple, practical, lifestyle out with my children in our community, but I don’t know what God has for me yet, and that whole 3 by 23 joke, is really just a joke folks…I’m not having three kids by the time I’m 23…My danish friend (pray for this awesome family, as they move to Denmark!) and I decided 5 by 35 is more realistic…They seem to have my life planned…Move to Denmark, start a coffee shop, marry a dane, and live happily ever after by the ocean. Sounds nice to me.  All that to say, I have a lot of possibilities in front of me, which I should view as nothing more than an overflowing blessings from our Lord…what freedom and giftings He has provided us with.

May this be the start of a more healthy blogging routine…Peace and Love to all of you!


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