Hey Matt, you won.

Dear  “m to tha a to that dbleT”,

It’s my pleasure to announce that YOU are the winner of this here artist review and give-away. Which is nice on so many levels…The first thing I have to say is congrats, second, I’m not exactly sure who ya are…might be the creative way you chose to spell matt. Anyway, please send  your address and link to your favorite card to sarahleslie@ymail.com. Thanks so much for reading and participating.

True Random Number Generator 3


Dear rest of my lovely readers,

Thanks for reading. It’s nice of you and makes my days brighter and hopeful….That statement is mostly true and just a little dramatic. So stay tuned for future, exciting posts…which may include a wide variety of topics, because I apparently have issues with picking one topic. Feel free to voice your opinions on my blog… feelings, life…whatever, in my little comment box below.

Love, love, and….love.

Sarah Leslie


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