I Like Chai and Long Walks on a Trail…

Friday morning was cold and perfect for an outdoor painting session.

Meandered around the garden snapping photos...

Green tomatoes are so cute!

Littles lettuces...

This morning was Farmer's Market morning. Marquette style.

Seeds and Spores Family Farm child

Crocheted a wool scarf today...Fisherman's wool is my favorite yarn

A late afternoon spent on the shore

Lake Superior Lighthouse

Hi...It's been a pretty lovely and productive few days back in mqt.



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2 responses to “I Like Chai and Long Walks on a Trail…

  1. SO wonderful to catch some glimpses of your home. Makes me wish I could see it too! You really have an eye for catching detail and beauty. I’m glad you’ve been able to feel productive. Enjoy each moment. Love you!

  2. maria

    Teach me how to make a scarf like that! I love it! Miss you.

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