Jumped Off a Cliff.

Black Rocks…

Sounds like a pretty dramatic name…It’s an even more dramatic activity. In the form of hurling your body off of a cliff into Lake Superior. I did that yesterday…for the first time. Never mind that I’ve lived here practically 20 years, it’s no big deal. Plenty of U.P. residents have never jumped…or so I would like to think. I just have a little issue with heights…and the feeling of falling…and jumping from a high place…Did I mention falling from a great height? Yeah.

See what I mean!?

Note the perilous height...

Yes, so…I jumped…of the lowest point possible…closed my eyes hit the water and let myself slowly rise back up to the surface…My first thought upon breaking back into the sunshine? “this wasn’t worth it”  Sorry to dissapoint dear brave U.P. hearts…I guess I’m just not into cliff jumping. I will still argue though that I’m adventurous…because I am.

Also I have been happily continuing on in my blog addiction…This morning I stopped over to Pia Jane’s blog…it is fantastic on many levels. I may or may not be mainly attracted to her international sense, but regardless she is beautiful and brilliant. Of course reading one blog always leads to reading another, so grab some tea and let yourself be carried away into the many pages of living, art, and design.

Real quick- because you know me, and that means I can’t leave one post with out some sort of real food find…I’m currently in love with coconut oil, because its good for you… its amazing. Really…and this blogger is giving some away! That’s pretty exciting. I signed up…you should too.

Have a lovely afternoon my dears…I’m off to pin the hair up as it’s getting quite warm out this sunny afternoon.


Sarah Leslie


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One response to “Jumped Off a Cliff.

  1. A. I like the black rocks. Haven’t jumped since I lived in Marquette many years ago.
    B. I love love love love love love love love love love love coconut oil. I use in my hair frequently. I use it on my skin frequently. I eat it frequently. And I just found a great recipe for deodorant using it.

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