Mermaid Club.

Dear blog…

This morning I had coffee with a girl friend and met her new puppy Zeb…

Aren't they wonderful?

I adore nice, slow mornings with softly rising sunshine…a warm cup of chai and nice long, long walk. Especially when I know I have busy day to eventually attend to. Eventually is a key word…Enjoy and soak up your moments as you have them.

So, this busy day I had to attend to? Well…some of it was my choice…and by some of it..I mean most of it. I recently happened upon this lovely young lady who is a custom cake designer…and I was instantly inspired.  Her work is absolutely gorgeous…

Stunning detail and design.

Inspired…to create my own cake that follows my values in nutrition as well as artistry…The process began Tuesday evening when I milled some fresh hard red winter wheat and let it soak in cultured buttermilk for 24 hours…This breaks down the gluten and hard to digest proteins in wheat allowing your body to fully assimilate the qualities of whole wheat. You can soak your flour 12-24 hours, but it rises best at 24 hours.  Wednesday night I finished the batter and baked it…chocolate, of course. Set it out to cool. Thursday…Made icing out of organic cultured butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and spices…

The start. Two inexperienced girl

Cinnamon Dulce Filling.

Ready for layer number two...

Here is where I will interject and warn you that I by no means think that this being my first cake is anywhere near the perfection of Maggies…I mean how can you compete with a girl who studied at a renowned French Pastry School?? And me? Well…I went to cake design class in the University of My Daydreaming Head.  It’s a great place…but despite knowing very little and using all natural ingredients I’m really excited about the finished product…I’m satisfied knowing that it’s nourishing, well balanced in taste, and looks pretty decent in my opinion…Ok, you can see for yourself now…

Chocolate cake with vanilla cream frosting and a cinnamon dulce filling.

It was tall...that scared me.

A Lesson in Patience...

Tree Design

Family scavengers!

The end of that adventure.

That was a neat 3 day experiment. Want the recipes? Because I’m a little out of energy to try and figure out how to write it out. Next post maybe? Let me know.

Hope your day has been lovely and fulfilling!


Sarah Leslie

P.S.- Today my mother and I were driving downtown Marquette and there was a sign out on a side walk that said, “Ladies of the Lake today” …My mom wondered aloud what that may be, and I answered her matter-of-factly … “It’s Mermaid Club”


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One response to “Mermaid Club.

  1. heavenweeps

    Yum. Looks delish. I enjoyed your company today, it was much needed!

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