Back in Indiana.

I am very much back from my adeventures home in Marquette, MI. Other than that I feel like there isn’t a whole lot else to say….My second year of the internship officially begins on Monday. Crazy. Looking forward to this year..with every intention of focusing more, eliminating clutter and un-necessary things in my life, learning to balance better, and just figure out things in general. I’ll let you know how all that goes a few months down the road, as I am laughing at myself already.

Feel free to now entertain yourself with pictures of U.P. North gorgeousness, while I attend to life.

Dad and I hiked up Sugarloaf mountain..this is from the peak.

See that first cove behind me? Thats where we hiked down to.

Made it to the bottom...Wetmore Landing.

Last night in MQT at the island before the Lindstroms and I drove back to IN


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