My Sister Is a College Kid.

Yes, that’s whats in my daily times…My sister started her first week of classes at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI on Monday…Spectacular. And also a bit of a strange concept for me, it’s always been her and I in the same grade despite her being a couple years younger…but now she is actually ahead of me, in a sense. Maybe it’s just weird to see your little sister in college.

Right now I should be going to bed, but I’m dragged in and completely hooked on figuring out this whole blogging thing…So as I write out of  my little WordPress dashboard I have to admit that I am becoming increasingly jealous of Tumblr users…I hope the staff at WordPress doesn’t read this post, they might shut me down. I have used Tumblr before for a project I started and of course never finished, but today a friend called and asked for help getting started in the blogging world and chose tumblr as his platform…So now as I should be sleeping I am helplessly addicted to changing themes, settings, and pretending I can write HTML and CSS better than I actually can. At this point I really want to go to school for web design. That was actually on my list of possible majors pre-internship. Whatever, I have a lot of possible majors. Can I go to college too? NMU happens to have a great graphic design department…

Last bit of news…Tomorrow is Day One of becoming shampoo free. If that isn’t dramatic enough for you, I’ll throw in conditioner-free…AND hair-gel free. Yeah scary, I know…Shampoo-free isn’t so terrifying for me as I rarely use it anyway…but conditioner?! I go through a bottle every two weeks! Conditioner is my hair drug…and gel? Welllll…I have crazy strands that like to be frizzy and huge. I don’t like frizzy and huge, that causes a natural problem….How am I going to do this??? Great question…find out tomorrow when I blog about what day one is really like.


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