White spaces

Does elimination disease exist? Or minimalist disorder? I cleaned my house a couple evenings ago…it went from trashed because of zero time or energy on my part, to orderly, clean, organized, every-surface-as-bare-as-it-can-be…and it’s a little addictive…I hang up my clothes now, I put things back in order, I keep surfaces clear, it’s weird. but nice. Also my favourite colour of late is grey…I’m so attracted to it.  This is bit of a nothing post, but hey, ironic isn’t it? I’m into “nothing” right now.

The Grey




Filed under clean, elimination, grey, organized, Tired

2 responses to “White spaces

  1. Saw on the today show last week that grey is the new black. maybe there is some inner fashionista making her way out and you didn’t even know it!

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