From the North.

My fingers were rested over the keys, awaiting thoughts to organize so they could quickly type them out. That is their job, and they enjoy it quite well. I’ve been waiting a while too for thoughts to come so I could write…I haven’t given up writing all together, there are little things I do here and there for others…An interview for a friend, a little magazine article, a       couple business reports…Some proof-reading, some editing…But for here, for myself…nothing. I guess I haven’t really been scared, because I know that the writer was just sleeping in winter, like a babe in amniotic fluid just developing and waiting for birth. So I start small again, with little breaths.

My current location is up north…just for holiday.


It's winter here


17 degrees and a few inches of snow upon the ground…Spent the morning with a cup of herbal tea and a book  about Chinese face reading, it is wonderful. There I found out that I am water…as I have suspected! Later my sister and I went downtown for coffee at Dead River with some friends. Gladys the dog was there and it was sunny for a while.




My cat.

Thinking about making gifts for loved ones at Christmas…So far sticks, yarn, herbal tinctures, paint, and paper are on my ingredients list. This season is my favourite time of creating and shopping…What are your giving plans?



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2 responses to “From the North.

  1. ringsaroundmyfingers9

    My friend.
    I don’t even know where you are, anymore.

    I don’t mean geographically.
    I need to hear from you sometime.
    Maybe via letters..
    I’d write to you but…
    I also don’t know where you are geographically.
    I love you ever.


  2. Joshua Lindstrom

    What are you referring to here ” a little magazine article”? if its not what i think it is, ok, but if it is what i think it is, then shh shh.

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