Coffee Shop Weather

Indiana is chilly today with a usual grey and start again, stop again rain. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of December…already. Is it just this season or is it just me…that there seem to be a lot of worries?  Little ones or big issues, they are there. Perhaps it is just the full schedule of class, work, life, and relationships during the winter time….or a lack of sunshine. In any case I really enjoy fall and winter, I just feel stressed at the moment. You?

This weather has also got me hooked on coffee shops…I was spoiled last week with a visit to Comet Coffee in Ann Arbor, Michigan…and of course my sentimental favourite, Dead River Coffee in Marquette, Michigan. Now I’m back to work in our very own coffee company, Alliance World Coffees. Oh, and it just started snowing here…see what I mean about coffee shop weather? Who are some of your favourite coffee shops and roasters?

I miss working in the coffee shop

A close friend recently gifted me with one of Julia Child’s French Cookbooks…So I have been flipping through that in my spare time…and loving the complication of the recipes. This will be a challenge! Especially to my arrogant, avant garde way of cooking from my head. I love the French way of cooking with lots of healthy fats and using good, wholesome stocks…makes me happy. Also in cooking and health news, Happily Domestic is giving away a Nutrimill Grain Mill, and since mine recently blew up (due to being about 10 years old!) I jumped on it! There are a lot of benefits to milling your own flour…it, like coffee loses it’s freshness and nutrition soon after being milled so it is best to grind your wheat fresh! Stop over and check out her review.




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