Would sales increase with purple instead of green?

Good afternoon from Starbucks…Where I am currently sitting in a better state of mind. I feel all proud of myself and legit, seeing as I am at Starbucks blogging…just like those super-neat, artsy, bloggers I so envy. Because there isn’t a whole lot for me to say I will resort to a few bullet points to tell the tales of my oberservations here on a Sunday.

  • Starbucks might need a few more tables, seating was a bit sparse today.
  • There is a certain “type” of man who works here, and a certain “type” of girl…they usually compliment each other quite well.
  • I came here to get work done…this is a great place to pretend to get work done.
  • The crooked grout lines on the floor reminds me of laying tile in our basement with my dad. He didn’t end up with crooked grout lines for the record
  • It’s sunny in Indiana today.
  • My mood is improved…mostly because I forgot to order decaf. I hate fake good days…but hey I am in much need of it, so I will take it.
  • Classes start tomorrow…so if there is a literal “peaceful still” it’s because I’m overwhelmed.
  • Trying to find free lance writing work…Maybe if I act like Ke$ha I could get a column at collegecandy.com or something trashy like that.
  • The real irony is I am here working on a meal plan for the internship…So here is Ms. natural-realfood-hippie girl lowering her standards…mentally atleast.
  • My roommate is here with me…sitting across the table…we haven’t really spoken at all…Well, all of our conversation has been over facebook chat.
  • Now I just feel like I should paint my nails with glitter or something
  • Yes, the golden question of my generation.
  • Man, this place makes me miss Dead River Coffee

I will just leave you with this picture.

Proof we are at Starbucks working.



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2 responses to “Would sales increase with purple instead of green?

  1. I posted bullets on Sunday too.
    I love bullets.
    I feel fancy when I work at Starbucks too.
    I drink caffeine a lot.
    but I’m okay with that.
    The end.

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