Things Are Keeping Me Alive.

Maybe it’s just the classical music playing here in Starbucks, or maybe it’s just the calm of my own heart at the moment…but I have been in a particularly deep state of mind today. It probably started this morning in my New Testament survey class while listening to one of my favorite teachers, Josh Arthur speak about the next 18 weeks of class and how we were going to read the scriptures. My eyes kept staring right through people, and in my head I was seeing skeletons. Then the thoughts started coming and I had to write them down…


Do you ever realize that you will most likely live and die without ever knowing what you look like on the inside?

There are things going on inside keeping me alive. Apart from a source of creation for this system, how can it exist in such organization? And why do I trust without so much as a thought that these “things” shall continue on?

Rarely do I expect to awake one morning to a stop.

Who determines stop.

Physiologically, I have little idea oh who I am.


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One response to “Things Are Keeping Me Alive.

  1. If you are talking about biology wise you will not know what you look like on the inside, if you are talking spiritually you just need to be aware and make time for some self reflecting meditation.

    What is going on inside of you is the wonder of the great Tao. It is the all flowing life source which keeps us all going and with all the chaos in this world and the universe it is pure perfection. You come from this perfection so you are perfect.

    You will discover who you really are when you take the time to truly see.

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