eat local?

Eating local has been on my mind lately. What would that look like, cost, what resources would I use? Why do I even want to do this? Well, I ideally only want to eat grassfed meat and living in Indiana has made that a bit easier, as well as raw dairy products. I buy my grain locally and mill it myself, what is left other than produce? Which brings me to the idea of also eating seasonally. The problem comes in when meijer has a great sale on grapefruit and Michigan apples…Sometimes it’s hard to pay the price for local…especially when your town isn’t very developed in that area. What is eating local like for your community?





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3 responses to “eat local?

  1. MQTXC

    This is random but do you know anything about raising backyard chickens? I’m curious about what to feed them and the quality of there eggs? Do you have to do anything special to them before you use them for food or are they good straight from the hen?

  2. Well, I haven’t raised backyard chickens myself, although I hope to as soon as I live in a place that allows…Its best to eat eggs from pastured chickens that they aren’t grain fed (corn, soy etc.) Eggs are pretty good straight from the hen, wash them off…Check this blog out for more helpful info…

    You’re from Marquette?

  3. MQTXC

    Yes I am from Marquette,

    That site seems to give some of the basics of chicken care. They seem to be relatively easy to care for and have some benefits. Thanks for the Info.

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