saving lives.

it’s been raining here a lot lately.

which is fine by me…because i think a rainy spring foretells of a good season to come.

i’ve been so excited for monday…a nice day off. and what do you know the sun is even out!

went for a little hike along the river today, came across this guy…

i like to call him “lobster”.

because of all the rain, the river has been very high…it’s since gone down some, but there are pockets of water left along the path…in which little fish were caught. i had to rescue them.

i felt like i was a worker with the DNR, releasing little creatures back into their natural habitat.

though i am pretty sure that the DNR would not have just plucked the fish up by their tales and tossed them into the river.


i felt bad for this little lobster…he was missing a claw.



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4 responses to “saving lives.

  1. Normally I don’t mind the rain, but since I’ve been pumping out my basement for the last two weeks, I’m feeling pretty much done.

    But yay for you, saving little fishies.

  2. daryl

    did you eat the crayfish?

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