starting seeds

this morning is sunny and the trees are starting to bud!

im so happy that spring had begun to take it’s place…

im all about starting seeds this season….hopefully that can be soon, i wish i could have started them earlier…

what are you planning on growing this summer?

do you have your own little garden tips and secrets to share?



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3 responses to “starting seeds

  1. we’re starting seeds soon too.
    we’re planting a garden on the bus.
    But first we’re starting it at home.

    It’s the new adventure.

    Except for today. Today it’s snowing, and I’m ready for a nap of sorts. The littles however, are celebrating Christmas.

  2. Ps. I enjoy the new layout.

  3. tomneyhart

    With our impending move it inhibits the idea of planting a garden but I am getting ready to plant sweet basil seeds to use in pasta and maybe growing sage and rosemary (not from seed though). Jill and I both like to use fresh herbs and things when we can and we are so ready for the cold weather to be done! Hope you are doing well.

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