milk victory

it’s nice to be working once again in the world of coffee …so I thought it was time to write a geeky post for those of you who enjoy coffee too. 

Yeah…so that’s not the most stunning capp I have ever poured, but I was thrilled to discover that raw goat’s milk textures beautifully! I have tried a lot of different kind of milks that I consider healthy, but none of them steam or texture well making it impossible to pour good latte art, or more importantly make a drink that has creamy sweet milk. I had an idea that goat milk may be the answer to my tension between health and beauty, because goat’s milk is naturally homogenized. Yay for minimal heating of milk to keep the enzymes alive, for lovely latte art, and best of all…a well textured cappuccino that is naturally sweet with a nice layer of micro foam. There you go people, it’s totally geeky in here. Just wait until I update about my lessons on how to aspirate coffee in a cupping…in simple terms, sucking coffee through your teeth so you can taste it better…yeah I know, its weird. 


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  1. This is good to know- i can’t wait to try a goat’s milk latte! The cow’s milk didn’t make very pretty lattes.

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