hightlights from michigan

Had a beautiful time up north…hiking, admiring lake superior, and enjoying time with family and friends. 


  • Visiting a small farm that my family buys their raw goat milk from, it’s simple and run by a lovely couple who are passionate about what they do. They now have pigs, goats, longhorn cows, a herding dog, and a new greenhouse. All of the animal’s fenced in areas are in the woods, the pigs love foraging and digging up roots! Amazing little place.
  • Farmer’s market Saturday morning…I love farmer’s markets, and especially my hometown market. It’s a good time to re-connect with local people who love to supply the community with organic produce.
  • Tour of the Rock River farm…it was nice to be out in the middle of the woods on a quiet farm run by three young “farmers” who were excited to share their experiences and what they had learned about working the land and raising animals.
  • mornings with coffee from Dead River Coffee and conversation with my mom and friends.
  • Stopping in Grand Rapids on the way home to rest up with a cappuccino from Madcap Coffee…it was wonderful and soothing


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