3 reasons to eat “kid” food

sounds like I am not the only one evaluating fears these days…seriously though, there is a lot to think about! 

One of my current fears is not being able to maintain physical health this fall when school starts again and I have class and studying to add on top of my work schedule. I have this habit of easily slipping into a non meal-eating mode…basically I’ll go all day not eating much, and when I get super hungry I just cram down whatever is around and ready…which is most often some form of carbs. Not my favorite…But what do you do when you don’t have a whole lot of time to cook!? It’s not like I have the hours, or energy for that matter, to simmer tomatoes into a traditional Italian sauce or marinade and grill steak. 

My new consideration- Kid food. Seriously…I think I can eat healthy variations of kid themed meals…a friend was recently sharing how much her kids loved “pizzadias” despite the cute name, they can be pretty nutritious…Sprouted tortilla shell, raw cheese, tomato sauce, pre-cooked meat…five minutes in the fry-pan…done. 

What other ideas are out there? I don’t exactly crave chicken nuggets and PBJ with out the crust, but when life gets crazy you need to brain storm. How do you deal with eating healthy on a busy, changing schedule?



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3 responses to “3 reasons to eat “kid” food

  1. JLW

    do you have a crockpot? they help maintain my sanity- its so wonderful to walk inside your home to the smell of dinner already cooked. 🙂

  2. I’m a definite pbj and mamma. and it’s the stay true healthy meal for my girls…as opposed to hotdogs. haven’t found a healthy version of those yet. ^_^

    • I was totally inventing healthy hotdogs in my head the other day…I don’t know why people don’t make them. But then again, the price would probably defeat the purpose…here are your free-range all beef hotdogs that cost $9 for six.

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