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rainy monday

yikes. has it really been almost a week since my last entry?

sorry to take off with not so much as a good bye note.

i spent the weekend in the windy city with some great friends.

attended and competed in the latte art competition at coffee fest chicago 2011. such a fun, yet exhausting experience.

today was rainy and felt like it should have been the weekend…but no, it was in fact monday. spent the day over at the coffee roaster helping out with answering phones and invoices.

oh well, how nice is it to be indoors on a cold day watching great coffee in the making?


p.s.- my inbox is empty. no creative/daydream emails from you.

p.p.s.- i know, i haven’t shared my ideas with you yet either. get your poetry thursday thoughts in!


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happy  monday readers.

how has day treated you?

I am back from a 2 hour hike in the beautiful snow, down by the river. sounds glam, but I assure you this river isn’t so nice… though it was lovely to be out in the winter.

Well folks…in just over a week I am journeying to Chicago with some other coffee professional friends to attend Coffee Fest Chicago 2011. that’s fun. You know what else is fun? Competing. I am on the roster to take part in the latte art competition. You know what would really be fun?  if during these couple of weeks practicing, if could pour something i was proud of.

cute, but “cute” won’t cut it.


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coffee and pretty, little dreams.

Can I just say how much I miss third wave coffee?


Enjoying a cappuccino while I write.

I know I mention starbucks alot when I write. I know I’m there kind of a lot. I know I shamelessly defend my right to be there. But the truth is that despite the pretty jazz music, nice atmosphere, and how legit I feel while writing there…I really don’t love their coffee at all. I really don’t even feel like I’m at a “Coffee Shop” I mainly feel like I’m at “Starbucks”.


I also know that I have access to an awesome bar right across my driveway. Who doesn’t love their church owning a coffee roaster? I probably take that for granted, and by that I mean I do. But you know being part of the internship puts a lot in you and takes a lot out. So sometimes you just need that “other place” to be.

So at the moment I am dreaming about on of my favorite coffee shops. It’s little and tucked away down a cobblestone alley called Nikels Arcade…The walls are painted blue, and lots of lovely people from Ann Arbor come to get their coffee and then it’s off to teach or attend class. The University of Michigan is close by…and Comet Coffee is pretty popular…The line is often out the door, but moves quickly. Comet’s baristas are so welcoming, they make good coffee and good jokes. People are just happy. Not to mention the cute northern style everyone wears…Hiking boots, wool socks, winter colours, frizzy-ish hair…it’s all part living in Michigan. So if you ever are in Ann Arbor, Michigan stop by an order a cappuccino.

Someday I hope to write for a magazine or newspaper…I hope to be working on my little laptop at a little blue coffee shop. I know those are pretty little dreams…So support print media.

Read the Printed Word!


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Things Are Keeping Me Alive.

Maybe it’s just the classical music playing here in Starbucks, or maybe it’s just the calm of my own heart at the moment…but I have been in a particularly deep state of mind today. It probably started this morning in my New Testament survey class while listening to one of my favorite teachers, Josh Arthur speak about the next 18 weeks of class and how we were going to read the scriptures. My eyes kept staring right through people, and in my head I was seeing skeletons. Then the thoughts started coming and I had to write them down…


Do you ever realize that you will most likely live and die without ever knowing what you look like on the inside?

There are things going on inside keeping me alive. Apart from a source of creation for this system, how can it exist in such organization? And why do I trust without so much as a thought that these “things” shall continue on?

Rarely do I expect to awake one morning to a stop.

Who determines stop.

Physiologically, I have little idea oh who I am.

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Would sales increase with purple instead of green?

Good afternoon from Starbucks…Where I am currently sitting in a better state of mind. I feel all proud of myself and legit, seeing as I am at Starbucks blogging…just like those super-neat, artsy, bloggers I so envy. Because there isn’t a whole lot for me to say I will resort to a few bullet points to tell the tales of my oberservations here on a Sunday.

  • Starbucks might need a few more tables, seating was a bit sparse today.
  • There is a certain “type” of man who works here, and a certain “type” of girl…they usually compliment each other quite well.
  • I came here to get work done…this is a great place to pretend to get work done.
  • The crooked grout lines on the floor reminds me of laying tile in our basement with my dad. He didn’t end up with crooked grout lines for the record
  • It’s sunny in Indiana today.
  • My mood is improved…mostly because I forgot to order decaf. I hate fake good days…but hey I am in much need of it, so I will take it.
  • Classes start tomorrow…so if there is a literal “peaceful still” it’s because I’m overwhelmed.
  • Trying to find free lance writing work…Maybe if I act like Ke$ha I could get a column at or something trashy like that.
  • The real irony is I am here working on a meal plan for the internship…So here is Ms. natural-realfood-hippie girl lowering her standards…mentally atleast.
  • My roommate is here with me…sitting across the table…we haven’t really spoken at all…Well, all of our conversation has been over facebook chat.
  • Now I just feel like I should paint my nails with glitter or something
  • Yes, the golden question of my generation.
  • Man, this place makes me miss Dead River Coffee

I will just leave you with this picture.

Proof we are at Starbucks working.


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A Swell New Year

The New Year is upon us!

Christmas, along with 2010 has passed…How were your Holidays?

Spent the afternoon in Dead River Coffee sipping on their brew of the day and good conversation.

The wave of warmth has passed and snow has returned to the North, it is snowing as I write and the sky grows dark.

Stay reading for pictures and stories of my time in Grand Marais, MN…the North Shore of Superior.



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Coffee Shop Weather

Indiana is chilly today with a usual grey and start again, stop again rain. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of December…already. Is it just this season or is it just me…that there seem to be a lot of worries?  Little ones or big issues, they are there. Perhaps it is just the full schedule of class, work, life, and relationships during the winter time….or a lack of sunshine. In any case I really enjoy fall and winter, I just feel stressed at the moment. You?

This weather has also got me hooked on coffee shops…I was spoiled last week with a visit to Comet Coffee in Ann Arbor, Michigan…and of course my sentimental favourite, Dead River Coffee in Marquette, Michigan. Now I’m back to work in our very own coffee company, Alliance World Coffees. Oh, and it just started snowing here…see what I mean about coffee shop weather? Who are some of your favourite coffee shops and roasters?

I miss working in the coffee shop

A close friend recently gifted me with one of Julia Child’s French Cookbooks…So I have been flipping through that in my spare time…and loving the complication of the recipes. This will be a challenge! Especially to my arrogant, avant garde way of cooking from my head. I love the French way of cooking with lots of healthy fats and using good, wholesome stocks…makes me happy. Also in cooking and health news, Happily Domestic is giving away a Nutrimill Grain Mill, and since mine recently blew up (due to being about 10 years old!) I jumped on it! There are a lot of benefits to milling your own flour…it, like coffee loses it’s freshness and nutrition soon after being milled so it is best to grind your wheat fresh! Stop over and check out her review.



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