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saturday in the winter

good fashion is sometimes wearing yourself inside out.


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cold and threatening.

Ice storms have been threatening us here in Indiana…roads are pretty slippery, people fighting at the stores over the last generator in stock, and my car is hopelessly covered in ice. We are staying home, drinking tea, making fresh wheat and blueberry muffins…Enjoying natures course.

Back home it’s disturbed individuals who are the current threat. Northern Michigan University evacuated students and faculty this morning as they became aware of a blog in which someone had written that they were going to “shoot up” NMU. I write because my sister Anna is a student there…and Marquette is my home. Keep the situation in your thoughts and prayers. Anna is a Public Relations major, she also writes a blog, and was interviewed on her experience while in anthropology class this morning. You can hear her story on Upper Peninsula Biz

The snow is still pouring down…but the sun is trying to come out!

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new snow.

It is snowing again!

Spent the afternoon playing around with my blog and drinking tea…re-designing. Like it?


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A Painting Hangs Dully Above My Head…and other tales.

It seems that within one blink of an eye…or in other words one nine hour drive, my life has completely changed. You are most likely already rolling your eyes or looking for the “close window” option…to which I do not blame you, in all reality (what the heck is that?) I am most likely writing under the influence of my dramatic inner self. In my defense “finding yourself” seems to be the greatest feat in the world…so indulge my journey.

For those of you still with me, I’m sure you are just dying to read on about these changes and “what so ever could be the problem?!” To that I answer, “Wellllll….Im not really certain.” And I just remembered that although I have next to no traffic on my blog, it is still shamelessly advertised by me. And instead of some deep, philisophical man in his 20s or a woman who happens to scout for the New York Times, it is a couple hundred facebook friends who read this trash…Don’t think that I don’t appreciate each and every one of your views, but girls dream at all hours, and I am a girl.

You have probably guessed that I am back from the North and most definitely in Indiana. Where I have suddenly been confronted with living out my self-actualization*. And while most of this is due to my overly emotional state…I will admit that Im staring at these yellow-white? walls and feeling a little confused.

And now to what was supposed to have been a regualarly scheduled post with promised photos of Grand Marais, MN.

The Great Northern Forest.

The Cabin in all of its beauty.

The Woodstove...My favorite considering my fascination with fire.


* Don’t quote me on following all of that “self-actualization” philosophy…While I find it quite interesting and annoyingly attractive, I try to keep myself from being the center of my focus 100% of the time. Consider that said in sarcasm and glittery drama, such as that you would hear from the mouth of Ke$ha**.


** No comment on my feelings towards Ke$ha…one night I had a dream that we were best friends, ever since then I’ve started to proudly admit my pre-teen roots in over glitterizing my face and wardrobe.

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A Swell New Year

The New Year is upon us!

Christmas, along with 2010 has passed…How were your Holidays?

Spent the afternoon in Dead River Coffee sipping on their brew of the day and good conversation.

The wave of warmth has passed and snow has returned to the North, it is snowing as I write and the sky grows dark.

Stay reading for pictures and stories of my time in Grand Marais, MN…the North Shore of Superior.



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Up North For Christmas

Dear Readers…

Merry Christmas.

Unto us a savior was born…our Emmanuel- God with us.

My Christmas eve in pictures…

Neighborhood Road...

Sister and I got Starbucks

Lilah sleeping with my wool yarn

All dressed up for the Christmas Eve Service

How are you spending your Christmas?

Love to All…


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Little Morning Note…

Good morning dear readers…

Everything is covered in white…how fantastic!? It was such a pleasant surprise to wake up this morning and see snow covering the ground…I love the way the rooms of my house glow with white light.

My room mate Rachael and I decorated our house the other day…it was definitely time for change and in need of some holiday theme. All we need is pine tree!


Innovative Chandelier


Well, off to start the day…wearing pretty dresses, washing dishes, cooking pumpkin, shopping at the Farmstand, and I believe today will be stick gathering day…I have some ideas of what I want to make. I’ll keep you posted…What holiday crafts and projects do you have going?

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