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extreme appearances

The old wooden floors and loud, semi-provocative art hanging on the walls of The Earth House Cafe drew my soul in. There was much to see and sense, but along with this new place came feelings of old-home familiarity. I met Erin, the barista behind the wide bar…she was interesting and wore a bright red sweatshirt with sparkling applique  shapes that made a jack-0-lantern face. She said it was a “Christmas-Halloween shirt!”, handmade by herself…obviously an artist who appreciates experiment. 

Am i any good?

Erin Drew is an artist out of Indianapolis…her bright/eye catching style draws the viewer in, but interestingly enough her messages often contradict their flashy colors…Capturing a reflection of modern culture. 

Real Sad

For more of her fantastic art visit her flckr account. I’ll let you in a little secret- she has a whole lot of other cool pieces of various  media. Check out my personal favorite!


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things I love thursday


white interiors


this painting


useful mason jars


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poetry thursdays.

“May I suggest you honor poetry thursday and write one too?”

“sure i would love to.”

my friend luc recently sent me a few a his poems that he has been working on this past thursday. he says that he tries to come out with new collections of poetic words every week. and i was asked to join.

i daydream about all the lovely things i want to make…poetry can be the threading together and creating of anything. won’t you please join us for poetry thursdays?

write me each week and share what you are working on.


have a happy weekend!


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