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#Behindthetimes of #NYFW #canwemakeoutofstyletrendy?

Whats going on in the fashion world? because I have no idea…what season are we on? Probably like Summer 2089, I am waaay behind the times.

I have an ADD interest in fashion…I get momentarily hooked on the latest ad campaigns and the “who’s taking over Dior ” rumors. But except for my usual scan of  The Sartorialist’s postings, I have been way out of the fashion and couture loop.

Oh well…Leave it to Marc to lure me back in with his intriguing ads that I always fall in love with….

 *thank you Avance Mag as the source of my fashion enlightenment and lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 11 ad photos photos


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starbucks figured out the human condition

There was a man outside smoking an old hand-carved pipe and reading some sort of sci-fi novel, I noticed him on my way out.

I ordered an iced mocha, light on the chocolate and took a seat by myself at the community table…

A new concept Starbucks has introduced to it’s atmosphere and customers…I was surprised to see it already implemented in the small-town shop I was visiting in the midwest. The table was empty as I sat down, and remained so as people filtered in and out. I wondered if people had yet caught on to the idea, or were still behind the trend of communing with strangers.

Bryant Simon says that Starbucks’ marketing is not only left up to their pop art, attractive graphics, and smiling baristas, but is cleverly woven into their atmosphere as a whole…Bryant poses the idea that Starbucks has taken something that is “functional” (coffee/caffeine) and has made it something that is also “emotional”…an experience that communicates that you as a consumer are important, wealthy, and belong in society. He goes on to call this, “a language that is carefully calibrated”.

as I sat alone noting the demographics, snapping a few photos, and documenting the experience, I realized that I too felt independent, successful, and trendy with my specialized drink and Nine West clutch…that,  for all it’s worth, may or may not be a knock off. I don’t know if I am more fascinated with my own fascination of Starbucks or actually take such a great interest in the company…either way it is something worth exploring as someone working in the progressive coffee industry; taking also into account that a lot of  the same people who love to support local/green/fair trade endeavors are attracted by a major corporation’s attention to the detail of human psyche.

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poetry thursdays.

“May I suggest you honor poetry thursday and write one too?”

“sure i would love to.”

my friend luc recently sent me a few a his poems that he has been working on this past thursday. he says that he tries to come out with new collections of poetic words every week. and i was asked to join.

i daydream about all the lovely things i want to make…poetry can be the threading together and creating of anything. won’t you please join us for poetry thursdays?

write me each week and share what you are working on.


have a happy weekend!


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saturday in the winter

good fashion is sometimes wearing yourself inside out.

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