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marc and kate.


I am back from my unexcused absence to share this photo with you that I have found quite a fascination in. 

not sure why…I keep staring at it and  loving it. It’s just a shot of Marc and Kate backstage at the Louis Vuitton SS12 show…so beautiful and calming to me. 

Have a great week, loves!


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#Behindthetimes of #NYFW #canwemakeoutofstyletrendy?

Whats going on in the fashion world? because I have no idea…what season are we on? Probably like Summer 2089, I am waaay behind the times.

I have an ADD interest in fashion…I get momentarily hooked on the latest ad campaigns and the “who’s taking over Dior ” rumors. But except for my usual scan of  The Sartorialist’s postings, I have been way out of the fashion and couture loop.

Oh well…Leave it to Marc to lure me back in with his intriguing ads that I always fall in love with….

 *thank you Avance Mag as the source of my fashion enlightenment and lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 11 ad photos photos

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Fall Colors: black, gold, olive

I realize that I should probably start notifying my readers when I leave. sorry…I just tend to disappear. School started up, so I have been busy getting acclimated to my new schedule which now includes class and homework. Also, I currently do not have internet at my new home…so that makes writing in the night hours a bit hard. Oh yeah….and I moved.

Lately I have been thinking about Autumn, and fall colors. These are  my favorite for the season…What are yours?

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saturday in the winter

good fashion is sometimes wearing yourself inside out.

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