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The Englishman

blogging is a wonderful excuse to not do homework and surf around the web for “good content” instead. This philosophy makes me feel better…since it’s philosophy homework that I am currently neglecting. 

check out the good content I found…

I am not much of a soaps and lotions girl…but these are so creative and interesting. I especially love her paintbox line for men…

My favorite is “The Englishman”

– “A wickedly proper gentleman’s blend of glossy black leather, Earl Grey tea & peaty tobacco. Emphasis on wicked…”

with a description like that who wouldn’t want The Englishman in their shower?



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a  dim morning accompanies me…but i like it, i can hear birds singing out my window, and i think it rained again last night.

how about this trout necklace?

i love it.

and hinted to my sister that it would be a good birthday present.

have a wonderful wednesday!


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hi, i really like headbands.

when i was little i would buy bunches of little fabric roses, pin my hair up in layers, and then sprinkle the curls with red roses. eventually i grew out of my “earthen maiden” phase, and it has been quite a while since i have used hair accessories…but now i am starting to crush on pretty little headbands, pheasant feathered combs, and simple pins.

so…i’ve been going about collecting ideas, pictures, thoughts, and pinning them to my new “pretty hair” board.

i would like to make my own peices…someday i will. but in the meantime it’s nice to support other handmade artists… and while exploring i came across this etsy shop that had the most beautiful combs and headbands.

aren’t they lovely?

jill has been designing bridal veils and hair pieces for over 25 years…her shop, Be Something New is a line she started with her daughter…they create all kinds of different hair accessories…perfect for everyday or a special event.

p.s.-they love using vintage materials… and that’s always neat.

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