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how to be a blogging superstar

It was freaking humid with a heat index of about 112 degrees, but I sat under that vinyl, event tent drinking water every ten seconds anyway. Because the third most popular blogger in the world was giving a seminar…and I was going to listen. I even asked a a couple questions in front of all the other listeners. I know, pretty gutsy. In short his answers to my questions were much the same as all the problogger articles I have exhaustively read and all the tweets I have followed…Have good content, be yourself, and have catchy titles.


good content? I love writing about my garden that doesn’t fully exist, and my nutrition research, while I haven’t actually been cooking for myself in weeks…not to mention my geeky coffee posts, oh- and the great give-aways that no one enters. Who wouldn’t love that content?? I mean if nina  can talk about watermelon slushies and her summer weekends successfully, why can’t I?

Be myself?? Uh, that results in church people asking if I am ok. Church people- I love you, and that you read my blog…you are my dearest supporter, and I am fine. really. 

Catchy titles??? ahem, look up…that catchy enough?

You may be wondering why I’m freaking out…I’ll tell you, in a neat little outline…because I like to number things.

1. I am not freaking out- I don’t freak out, everyone knows that…right?

2. I have dreams, people…I may be pretty grounded, but I have serious writing goals…and I get so inspired by the bloggers that I follow.

3. People have been coming to me for blogging advice…and I give it, like I know what Im talking about. If only they could see my stats and see how un-popular I am.

4. I saw this post today…and wished with all my heart that I could apply. It is totally my pre-dream job, dream job. 

thanks for reading. I really needed to tell you that…don’t worry, the typical,pretty posts will be back soon. also, if  by chance you don’t know me and you’re reading…do you write? What’s your story…I would love to hear.

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