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off and on

lately life has been busy and my head too full of a wide spectrum of thoughts…writers, how do you find the time and energy to stay consistent? 

today is rainy and cold…I don’t think the Indiana natives are enjoying it too much…but for me, its lovely.

presque isle- marquette, mi


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hi monday….

it is early and cold outside. I like it. You ever have those busy weeks that turn into busy weekends? you crash to sleep at some point sunday night and all of the sudden you are at monday again. it’s been a whirlwind of different things to get done, events to be at, horses to exercise…today follows suite. i think im electing tuesday my new saturday. how do you balance work and rest?

*photo credit: val of v bookery

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trying to save the quiet.

hello readers,

it is sunny, cold, and thursday morning. i am eternally grateful to have this morning off. yet i have a list of things to get done.

ive, been so tired.

are you ready for winter to let go? i think i am.

more pressing matters in life have been pushing my hand-making projects out of sight.  that makes me sad.

i still like hair pieces…

and i found these little bows on etsy this morning.

now…for a nice cup of coffee and a few more precious morning hours.

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